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For this class children's hair must be pulled back out of face.  No jewelry.  Students can wear leotards with tights or leggings.  

Dance skirts and tutus are allowed as long as there are tights underneath.  

Ballet shoes are required


Form fitting clothes such as leotard and shorts or leggings are required for the safety of the student.

No baggy clothes or jewelry.

Hair must be pulled back and up in bun or ponytail.

Level 1Ballet & Tap

 Leotard and pink tights are required.  

Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes also required.  

Hair must be in a bun.

 Please check with teacher about tutu or skirt before child wears to class.  Teacher may request skirt or tutu be taken off for class. 


Hair must be in a slicked back bun.  No hair in face or ponytails   

Leotard and pink tights along with pink ballet shoes. No jewelry allowed.

Ballet skirts can be worn at teacher's discretion. 


Hair must be slicked back in either a ponytail or bun.  Students can wear leotard with leggings or tights. Half tops with Briefs or spandex shorts  

Shorts can be worn but must be tight.  

No loose fitting clothes.

Tan jazz shoes must be worn in class.

Hip Hop

Baggy clothing is allowed for this class only.  T-shirt, leggings, sweat pants and tank tops can all be worn.  

No crop tops.  

Sneakers must be worn for this class

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